Liturgy of the Hours App

Liturgy of the Hours App on a iPad MiniLiturgy of the Hours App on a iPadLiturgy of the Hours App on a iPhone
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Bishop Dr. Jos Punt

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The project

I have been working on this project since 2013. After a year and a half of intensive work on the app, it was made available to the general public on King's Day, April 27, 2015, by Bishop Punt with the push of a button and has been available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store ever since.

The project in itself is not finished, as there will always be modifications and new extensions will be developed.

Liturgy of the Hours App

The Getijdengebed is the prayer of the Roman Catholic Church that is prayed at different times of the day by clergy, religious and many believers. The Getijdengebed app contains the official Getijdengebed in Dutch including its own texts for the Netherlands and Flanders.

As you pray, the prayers for the coming time are pre-loaded so that you can pray even if you are momentarily disconnected.

This app has many extras that make praying more enjoyable:

  • No more leafing through the Book of Liturgy of the Hours during prayer.
  • Automatic selection of prayers based on your GPS location.
  • Indication of preference for praying free thoughts.
  • The screen does not turn off automatically while praying.
  • The choice to load additional prayers based on connection: WiFi or mobile.