About Church and IT

Who am I, what do I do, who is my target audience and what does it cost? I clarify my vision here.

Who am I?

Photo of Marco van 't Klooster

I am Marco van 't Klooster, 33 years old, a software developer and practicing Catholic. Besides my work, I am very involved in the church. On weekends I am an acolyte at Christoffel parish in Roermond.
I love nature, which is also definitely reflected in . Furthermore, I am passionate about the Apple brand and follow the technological developments and try to apply them wherever possible for my friends (read: customers).

What am I doing?

I have been working with Church and IT on various projects for the Church since 6 year. I have worked as a developer on web applications for almost 9 years. As such, this is what I primarily do. Besides programming, I am also employed as a system administrator and help Church-related institutions with maintaining the computers as well as the network.
One of the most important things I do is putting websites online. Because I am also a network administrator, I can put parish websites online in an economical way. Over the years, I also started doing video production. In short, it's Church and IT. So with anything to do with IT and anything related to the Church I do.
But it is also Church + IT. Everything in the field of IT (so also outside the Church) and a lot of work for the Church (outside IT).

Why am I doing this?

I started 15 years ago wondering what Our Lord wants from me. I strongly suspected of becoming a priest. After having conversations, it turned out, that the priesthood is not for me and I can also serve the Church by making good use of my talents as a programmer. Therefore, 10 years ago, I decided to found Church and IT in order to serve the digital needs the Church has these days. I managed to turn this into an official business on my birthday 6 years ago and have done so alongside my job. Since 5 year I have been doing this full-time and can say I am happy.

Who is my target audience?

The specific audience I have is the Roman Catholic Church. So these are the dioceses in general, but also smaller parishes and religious communities that are looking for a solution to a special problem. For example, consider a fog time schedule. But I can also be of service to non-Roman Catholic Churches. Even outside the Church I am active for various organizations.

Everything is possible to program, it is only the road to it that must be walked.

Marco van 't Klooster, Church and IT